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About Us:

Caminemos Juntos, which in Spanish means "Let's Walk Together," is an Anglican Latino network and church planting movement begun in 2010. Our vision is to unify, mobilize and multiply latino Anglican churches throughout the 35 countries in the Americas (North, Central, South America and the Caribbean). We have yearly conferences in North America and in South America. This movement is facilitated in partnership between with the Anglican Church in North America, the Anglican Church in Brazil, the Anglican Church in Chile and the Greenhouse Movement.

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2024 Regional Conference San Diego

Session 1 Open Tables - Bishop Eric Menees

Session 2: “Open Doors” by Canon Gabe Garcia

Session 3: “Open Minds” by Coach Cristina Morett

Session 4: “Open Bibles” by Sebastian Vargas

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Get in Touch with Caminemos Juntos

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