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Greenhouse Movement

Following the Holy Spirit TOGETHER for the spontaneous expansion of the Church

What we do

We believe new congregations are essential to evangelism.

Therefore, as long as there are people outside the Church, we desire to see congregations multiplied.  Based on what we have learned from our African brothers and sisters, we reach out to regions and communities by releasing lay leaders under the godly authority of ordained pastors to raise up parishes of multiple, interconnected congregations.

Our distinct movements empower the move of the Gospel across regions and people groups. With such diverse contexts throughout North America, the church as never before needs to be incarnational in order to be meaningful.  In Greenhouse, we believe that God wants entire regions evangelized, and that local, indigenous congregations connected as one regional church (parish) provide the flexibility to reach multiple people groups while remaining unified and steadfast in the faith.

Support the Hartsells

Keith & Dawn - Rector & Children's Minister

Father Keith Hartsell serves as the Rector of Grace Anglican Church in Oceanside, CA. He also serves as the Greenhouse Movement’s Chicagoland Regional Leader and Regional Mobilizer for the Diocese of Western Anglicans. Prior to his involvement with Greenhouse, he served at Church of the Resurrection in Wheaton, IL for 15 years under Bishop Stewart Ruch, III.

Fr. Keith leads the Equipped to Heal conferences through Greenhouse Movement in an effort to equip leaders in the church to provide pastoral care and minister through healing prayer. Keith has been married to his wife, Dawn since 2001 and they have Six children: Alyana, Xander, Justin, Stephen, Michael, and Chaz that Dawn homeschools.  She is also the Children's ministry leader and sings on the worship team occasionaly.

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Support Lori

Lori Carpenter - Administrative Assistant 

Lori began serving in Northern California as the assistant to the dean for the Sacramento valley.  From there she moved to Chicago to work with the Cornerstone parish of churches under the supervision of Fr. Keith Hartsell.  In 2022 she moved once more back across the country to North San Diego County as she continues to work with Fr. Keith at Grace Anglican church located in Oceanside, CA.  She still works as a part of the hiring and training team for Greenhouse, along with coordinating conferences as needed.  At Grace she is the wearer of many hats as administrator, sound board tech, finance, and many other weekly tasks.

Listen to Fr. Keith to Learn More About Greenhouse

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