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Register for Launch Week

Greenhouse Launch Week is offered a few times a year for individuals looking to raise support for their ministry. If you're interested in registering for the next Launch week or becoming a Greenhouse Missions Staff click "start the process" below.

  1. Fill out the short interest form.

  2. A Greenhouse leader will call you to learn more about your interest.

  3. We will send you the registration for Launch Week

  4. For new employees of Greenhouse we will send you the Full application Form, Financial Assessment Form and ask for 2 references.

  5. Zoom Interview

What are launch weeks?

Launch Week is the starting place for Greenhouse mission staff, church planters, catechists, interns, regional leaders, friends & partners, and includes prayer, multiethnic worship, and visits to Chicagoland congregations set in urban, campus, Latino, and Black communities.
Here’s the info:
  • Launch Week is for those being trained in support raising for ministry or those who have completed the application process (get started above) and registration is sent to you as part of your application process.
  • Launch Weeks are often hosted in Chicago, the home of Greenhouse Movement.
  • The next Launch Week will be 8am Tuesday, May 28th – 6:30pm Thursday, May 30th in Whitewater, WI (please plan to arrive Monday so you can begin promptly). You may fly into Madison, WI, Milwaukee, WI or Chicago, IL. Greenhouse Movement offers three Launch Weeks each year (January, May, September). Launch Weeks include all of the onboarding training for those who have completed their application process and have been hired as new Mission Staff.
  • New Mission Staff often begin employment this week and learn how to raise support using Ministry Partner Development.
  • Individuals are responsible for their own travel, housing and food. Cost for training is $50 per person.
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